Diversity of Services

Symmetree Consulting Group offers a wide range of forestry management and training services.

Sustainability / Ecosystem-based Management / Certification

Symmetree continues to explore sustainability issues for landscapes, communities and regions. They use a variety of methods to evaluate and plan for sustainable futures through ecosystem-based management and certification.

Monitoring and Adaptive Management

Symmetree collaborates with managers to design and implement effective adaptive management and monitoring systems.

Effective Operational Solutions

Symmetree works with companies, universities and other organizations to design practical operational solutions to their complex forest management issues on the ground.

Riparian Management and Conservatino

Symmetree is at the forefront of emerging riparian management approaches.

First Nations

Symmetree works with First Nations to help them effectively articulate and realize their forest management goals.


Facilitation and Workshops

Symmetree has designed and delivered training workshops for foresters throughout British Columbia on a diverse range of forest management topics from Growth and Yield to Soil Disturbance and Vegetation Management . They are widely recognized for their field-based, problem-solving training workshops aimed at Partial-cutting Silvicultural Systems .

Extention materials handbooks, guides videos

To assist practitioners and improve operational decisions by using the latest scientific knowledge, Symmetree develops effective media tools such as handbooks, guides and videos.

Other Publications

By combining knowledge and experience with excellent communications skills, Symmetree produces publications that provide clarity and direction by synthesizing a diversity of information on complex topics while probing the heart of the underlying issues.

Integrating knowledge, experience and common sense.

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